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Superb Clinical Skills

Mike Samar is an excellent clinician. He easily builds rapport and trust with his clients. His superb clinical skills coupled with the rapport he builds, provide positive results for those he works with. I recommend him highly and without reservation.

-RebeccaClara K.


Mike Samar is a wonderful counselor who cares about his clients. He takes the time to learn about their concerns and treats everyone with dignity and respect. I would recommend Mike to my friends and family.

-Dee B.

Pleasure to Work With

I have worked with Mike Samar in the past and he was a pleasure to work with. He always acted professional and was timely while we conducted our business together. I wish him the best.

-Scott L.

Caring Clinician

Michael Samar is a caring clinician who puts his clients first and works hard to ensure each person has a positive experience.

-Adrienne P.

Compassionate Focus

It was an honor to work along Mr. Mike Samar LMSW for many years. He skilled in listening and then crafting his response to the individual. He used many techniques including the compassionate focus of ACT and the wonderful behavior tool box of DBT... He has had to remain calm in situations of clients in suicidal distress, and he has made sure that basic safety issues are noted/secured in a matter fact manner. I have seen Mike remain profession and giving when he had to bear very heavy personal demands, as sometimes a responsible person must.

Nice work always Mr. Samar.


Pleasure to Work Alongside

I had the absolute pleasure of working alongside Mr Mike Samar, LMSW for many years. He exerts incredible attention and compassion for his clients and their families. He continually works to promote individualized goals and positive outcomes for his clients in treatment. Truly an honor to write this review.

Jonathan J Emiliani, LMSW, LCSW

Licensed Master Social Worker

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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