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Mind Wellness Guru is a podcast hosted by Michael Samar. LMSW. which takes you on your own wellness journey and provides you with the healthy living inspiration you crave! As the weather is changing, our society is getting busier, energy levels are increasing, and individuals are feeling completely stressed out! In all this chaos; self-awareness, mental wellness, and self care is needed more than ever before. This is the perfect time to immerse in a great podcast that will stream positivity and wellness into your ears as you go about your daily routine.

Mind Wellness Guru is a platform that helps individuals get exposure to thought-provoking and informative discussions and conversations on topics like breaking free from toxic relationships and emotions, cultivating self-compassion, mindful living, and more. It helps you create an atmosphere of learning and constant growth. With this podcast, you’ll learn how controlling yourself and your emotions is the foundation to activating your creative mind, avoiding burnout, and improving your productivity.

Our philosophy is advocating living a purposeful and meaningful life by helping our listeners feel more confident and in control of their lives. We believe that mind wellness isn’t only limited to mental health, it goes beyond that. It is attitude and it is positivity. In every reversal or setback, optimists tend to seek a valuable lesson. Mind Wellness Guru enables you to take control over your emotions and learn something valuable from each and every experience.

Once you learn how to accentuate the positive, you’ll be able to live a healthier and a happier life. Learn, open your mind, and expand your knowledge about gaining a positive state of mind. Whether you’re under immense stress, your body is beginning to feel run-down, or you have been through a traumatic life-changing experience, 15 minutes with Mind Wellness Guru will help you take charge of your well-being and truly believe in yourself!

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How Mental Health Has Changed During COVID-19

On this episode of the Mind Wellness Guru Podcast, psychotherapist Nina Keeler shares her perspective on how the world of mental health has changed over the course of the Coronavirus pandemic.

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